Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Hi again baby, I know it's been a minute since I last posted, but your DIRTY PHONE SEX slut has been around and serving some of you hot DOMINANT PHONE SEX guys to the best of her submissive abilities.
One recent Dom i had the pleasure of serving had your FILTHY PHONE SEX slut undress immediately upon his arrival. i was then told to crawl to the bedroom, i followed behind Master like a good little fuckdoll. Occasionally he paused and shoved his ass into my face, ordering me to lick and suck his ass. This slut was in heaven... when we reached the bedroom my face was covered in my saliva and drool from his rubbing his ass on my face while i was licking. Can you imagine this pretty face covered like a common street whore on pay day?
He proceeded to bend your SUBMISSIVE PHONE SEX slut over the bed, pulling me up by my hair. He then produced a wooden paddle and spanked my naughty ass for not already having been on my hands and knees when he came through the door. It hurt sooo badly and turned my ass a bright bright red! My ass still has the bruises to prove how hard i was paddled!
Once Master realized how wet my pussy was from his paddling of my ass, he shoved his huge hard cock deep into my wet cunt. He then pulled me off the bed by my hair, cock firmly planted, and proceeded to make me crawl around the house while he rode my pussy.
The cherry on the cake was when he had me **bark** like a good lil bitch while we were crawling, i immediately came sooo hard while he unloaded his hot hot cum into my tight pussy. Serving as his lil doggy bitch pushed us both over!

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Kisses baby,

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Hello again baby! One thing I happen to love when it comes to sex is hot deep throat phone sex! I love the feel of a hard, hot cock pushing into my mouth, stretching my lips, pressing my tongue down...mmmm then finally, invading my throat!
Sucking a man's cock is something I truly adore. That hot mast of manflesh GOD how I love the feel of it on my tongue. I've been teased in the past that I have an oral fixation, and I won't deny that. Hot phone sex is foreplay for any good fuck session. So I love to tease my phone sex buddy while he's driving to my house. Telling him how much my mouth is watering thinking of the flavor of his cum..to picture how my pretty lips will look stretched around that hard hot cock.
Mmmm by the time he arrives at my door his cock is practically hard as stone! The minute I feel that hard cock my mouth begins salivating in anticipation.
The moment I get my tongue out and licking at his head, I'm practically drooling. Letting all my hot spit slide from my mouth. Watching it move slowly down his shaft as I lick and suck gently at the head, trying to take my time. Trying to hold myself back from simply swallowing the whole thing in one gulp! See me here - Free sex chat View My Wishlist here


Sunday, June 7, 2009


So what is OBJECT PHONE SEX you ask? It's when my phone sex buddy requests i use an object other then a dildo or your typical sex toy... some examples you ask? cucumber is the first that comes to mind as that was my phone sex buddy's request last night. Other objects one might consider bottles, especially this one particular brand of tequila, carrots, heels..etc.
On to tonight's story, i had been instructed to pick out a long, 12+ inches, and thick (i'm unsure of its actual thickness but it was thicker than my wrist!) cucumber for the session we'd be having that night. I visited the local grocery and did my best, I took a photo and my phone sex buddy replied it was *perfect* for what he had in mind. I was instructed to make sure my ass was clean and relaxed, as it would be used well that night...
We began with some hot deep throat action. My mouth was shoved right down on that cock and my throat promptly fucked! My long, thick hair is just right for wrapping your hands in and using as handle to fuck my face with. And fuck my face he did, right down into my throat, making me gag and puke on his cock.
I was then flipped around and told to reach back and spread my ass cheeks. Being the obedient dirty girl that i am, i did exactly as told... I was then told to beg him for his cock in my ass. And beg i did! Finally he shoved that cock deep in my ass and pounded me until i was a moaning mess beneath him... he then lifted up my hips....told me to spread my cheeks again and beg for the cucumber...
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Friday, June 5, 2009


Oh what a great morning i had! Hubby and I were laying in bed when one of my phone sex friends decided to ring me up. At first i was worried hubby would be mad, but then decided fuck him!
I went to bed horny and woke up horny this morning... i was ready for some hot dirty talk.
My phone buddy began by describing how he would tie me to a tree in my prettiest sundress. Arms pulled up tight above my head so that i was left barely standing on my tippy toes. He proceeds to lift the hem of my skirt, running his hands up my legs as i struggle to get free...
He then RIPS my skirt open up the front... exposing my pretty white cotton panties underneath. The crotch of my panties is already showing my wetness...im struggling wildly now as he tears open the top of my dress revealing my lacey white bra, my nipples already showing through the material. He pulls a knife out of his pocket...now i'm really struggling to get free, but there is nowhere to go! He has made sure this dirty lil phone sex slut will not get away today.
He proceeds to cut my bra and panties away from my body. I'm now dangling naked from the tree. He leaves me there, struggling, my body writhing.... while he collects a few branches... i see him tying them together... noooo please not that sir!
He proceeds to begin by whipping my titties... my poor lil nipples can't take anymore! They are burning more and more with each strike of his makeshift whip!
I'm moaning like crazy now, begging him to stop... and he flips me around
He begins whipping my ass...my back...my thighs... even the soles of my feet as they come up off the ground from all my wiggling and hopping around
finally he stops.... he runs his hands between thighs and discovers just how wet his torture made me!

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Monday, June 1, 2009


One of my favorite men came around last night. He lives a bit a way so we have dirty phone sex to hold us over most nights. Last night was different, he was in quite a mood.
He had been sooo focused on my tight round ass all week whenever we'd have phone sex that i knew something was up the next time I saw him.
He did not disappoint, he showed up, walked me right back to my bedroom and proceeded to pull my panties right off. Leaving my push up bra on he pulled my titties out by my nipples...lord this was hot already! I could feel my pussy beginning to drool and begin running down my thighs.
He then bent me over the bed where hubby likes to have hot cuckold phone sex and proceed to spread my round ass cheeks open. He pushed that hard cock RIGHT IN! Forcing the whole thing right up into my tight ass! I had to bite my pillow to keep myself from waking my neighbors. He was like a red hot spear pushing in and out of my tight asshole...oh damn i'm getting wet just thinking about it...
i have to go play.
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Friday, May 29, 2009


Mmmm this dirty MILF has been at it again.

While I love HOT PHONE SEX more than anything, I do have needs that require a hard cock. Hubby fails to deliver as he's never home...and this hot CUM SLUT begins her hunt for COCK AND CUM as soon as hubby pulls out of the driveway for his business trips!

His most recent business trip was about a week ago and I was really feeling the need for HOT CUM AND COCK. I quickly contacted two men I had the pleasure of meeting at a swing party I had attended a month earlier (will provide a link to that story when posted).

These guys were MORE than happy to CUM fill this HORNY DESPERATE HOUSEWIFE up! They arrived about an hour after hubby had left, just enough time to shower and prepare myself to take those cocks in EVERY HOLE.

Now, I absolutely adore HOT ANAL ACTION and these guys remembered that! No time was wasted on my pussy! They pushed me onto my hands and knees as soon as they entered my house. They then proceeded to fuck my mouth and ass like I was a nothing but a sex doll there for their ENTERTAINMENT!

My hair was pulled, my ass filled and both ends received THICK HOT LOADS of cum!





Hi Guys! It's time to welcome home your misisng Housewife... Catalina!
I love anything DIRTY, KINKY and WILD

I've been gone for a while but now I'm back and ready for some wild ROLE PLAY PHONE SEX and FANTASY PHONE SEX. CUM to me with your wildest HOUSEWIFE fantasies and lets explore together...HOW DIRTY CAN WE GET??

Keep an eye out for hot adventures i've had while hubby's been away and I've had all this free time on my hands!